Cart 0 provides Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), Occupational Therapy and Dog Obedience Training to Special Education students and their families in Northern Illinois. 
      AAT is a unique treatment modality that allows students to give affection as well as receive it as part of their therapy.

Summer 2020 Classes are now accepting reservations!

Inquire today about our Animal Assisted Therapy or Beginners Dog Training.

Additional classes or times may be added based on demand. 

Research has shown the following benefits have been
associated with human/animal interactions:

  • decreased anxiety
  • improved social skills
  • decreased agitation & aggression
  • improved motor skills
  • decreased tactile sensitivity
  • improved trust after traumatic events (e.g. PTSD)
  • decreased blood pressure and cholesterol
  • improved attention

Want to support TheraPets Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and family Training programs? TheraPets custom tie-dyed shirts can be purchased for $30. 100% (yes every penny) of shirt proceeds will go towards animal food, vaccinations, therapy, education and training supplies. 

Thera is based in Grayslake, IL.